The History of Famagusta Municipality

Famagusta is one of the most important coastal town in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as well as Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, the city is a significant tourism and education center. Famagusta achieved its main development during the Lusignan period and houses many historical artifacts from the Roman and Eastern Roman Empires, the Latin Kingdoms, the Venetians, and the Turks. These include the golden beaches, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St. Nicholas Cathedral), St.Barnabas Monastery, Venetian Palace, and Othello Castle.
Famagusta Turkish Municipality was first established in 1958. Famagusta Turkish Municipality, which gained its legal status with the 1960 Constitution thanks to provisions stipulating separate presence of Turkish and Greek municipalities served the Turkish population of 8,000 to 10,000 people and Turkish neighbourhoods until 1974.
Following the inclusion of Tuzla Village under the municipality in 1974, the municipality was reorganized to provide services to all of Gazimağusa. As of 1990, it continued its services with a staff of 350 people.
Starting from September 1, 2008, Mutluyaka Village also became a part of Famagusta Municipality. As of 2008, the municipality has 93 square kilometers territory. The municipality is also the second-largest urban area in Northern Cyprus. Alongside the Eastern Mediterranean University, the city is also home to Istanbul Technical University(ITU), University of City Island, Cyprus West University, and European Lidership University.
According to the 2011 census, Famagusta had a permanent population of 40,920, while the State Planning Organization’s 2020 projection shows a population of 55,868. Additionally, a significant number of university students and staff reside in the city for most of the year, totalling over 16,000.
The following is a list of the mayors serving in Famagusta Municipality since 1958, along with their terms of Office:


1958-1959 Dr. Niyazi Manyera
1960-1971 Kemal Birgen
1971-1975 Naim Tayyar
1975-1980 Bora Atun
1980-1985 Mustafa Adaoğlu
1985-1986 Necdet Dökmecioğlu
1986-1990 Necati Salih Kadir
1990-1994 Kemal Çelik
1994-2014 Oktay Kayalp
2014-2022 İsmail Arter
2022-.. … Dr.Süleyman Uluçay

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