Municipal Departments and Services

Public Relations Department

The Public Relations Department of Famagusta Municipality works intensively to meet the demands, record suggestions and requests for evaluation, and transmit them to the relevant service units, as well as to solve any kind of issues related to the city. Through a specially designed computer program for the unit, all suggestions, requests, and complaints received from the public are recorded by our staff and followed up until they are resolved, with instant communication to the relevant department. Based on the results received from the units, feedback is provided to the citizens. You can reach our Public Relations Department for immediate support by calling 1823.

By contacting our Public Relations Department, you can:

  • Submit complaints, suggestions, and requests.
  • Learn about all events, announcements, organizations and news organized by the municipality.


Cleaning Services Department

The Cleaning Services Department of Famagusta Municipality works to create a clean and healthy environment to ensure that our citizens benefit from this service continuously. In order to maintain a clean environment in our city, you can report those who pollute the environment indiscriminately by calling the number 630 0 500.

The tasks of our Cleaning Services Department include:

  • Collection of daily urban waste produced in residential areas within the municipal boundaries, transporting them to waste disposal sites instead of accumulating them.
  • Continuous sweeping and cleaning of streets and roads.
  • Cleaning of marketplaces and removal of accumulated residues and waste.
  • Assisting other organizations in preventing and managing potential flooding in the event of a natural disaster.
  • Carrying out cleaning services according to a planned and programmed schedule based on seasons.


Department of Municipal Health Services

The Department of Municipal Health Services works to protect the health of our people by conducting insect control, controlling food establishments throughout the city, and providing necessary care, vaccination, sterilization, and adoption for stray animals. Among the tasks of the Health Department are ensuring that the municipal slaughterhouse operates in accordance with the current legislation, managing veterinary activities, and handling cemetery and funeral-related matters.

The Department of Municipal Health Services divides two units:

  1. Famagusta Municipality Slaughterhouse

The Famagusta Municipality Slaughterhouse teams are responsible for effective health inspections. They conduct regular inspections, particularly for diseases such as Echinococcosis and others that may arise in small and large livestock.

The Famagusta Municipality Slaughterhouse employees undertake the following tasks:

  • Animal slaughtering operations for beef and lamb products to be sold within the municipality boundaries,
  • Conducting pre-mortem examinations of cattle and sheep brought for slaughter under the supervision of a Veterinary Surgeon, ensuring the supply of safe and reliable food in hygienic conditions to the public,
  • Establishing exemplary slaughter areas to meet the public’s sacrificial slaughter needs during the Eid Qurban, providing services with cutting and butchering staff, and enabling the public to fulfil their sacrificial obligations under hygienic conditions,
  • Ensuring the hygienic transportation to meat sales points after slaughter,
  • Ensuring the environmentally friendly disposal of slaughterhouse waste.


2) Dog Shelter and Rehabilitation Center of Famagusta Municipality

The Famagusta Municipality Dog Shelter and Rehabilitation Center works intensively to provide a healthy and happy living environment for the dogs residing in our city and facilitate their adoption into loving homes for their lifetime.


Water Works Department

The Famagusta Municipality Water Works Department carries out comprehensive efforts to ensure the public’s access to safe drinking water, domestic water, and industrial water in our city. In this context, the department’s responsibilities include:

  • Providing uninterrupted water supply to all residents within the municipal boundaries.
  • Ensuring necessary maintenance and prompt repair of any faults that occur in the city’s water network.
  • Performing maintenance of water reservoirs, wells, and other water facilities.
  • Renewing and improving water pipeline networks.
  • Promptly responding to meter and other malfunction reports and conducting repairs.
  • Establishing connections for new residential and commercial properties that meet the required conditions.
  • Creating awareness for water conservation and efficient usage.
  • Providing free or discounted water supply to socio-economically disadvantaged consumers.


Public Works Department

The Public Works Department ensures the design of projects as the first step towards creating the necessary facilities, environmental arrangements, roads, sidewalks, and asphalt to make Famagusta a more liveable and beautiful city. The department also works on the technical maintenance and repairs of these projects.

Carrying out necessary projects to give our city a more contemporary appearance is also among the responsibilities of the Civil Works Department.


Urban Planning Department

The main duties of the Urban Planning Department are to inspect and license all kinds of constructions within the boundaries of the municipality in accordance with the laws, regulations, by-laws, acts and ordinances related to development; on-site visits to inspect for any violations; Supervision of division of land plots etc.

The Urban Planning Department additionally has been implementing the earthquake risk observation service with the building inspections project initiated in 2019. Under the protocol signed with the Chamber of Civil Engineers, the Rapid Screening Test started to be carried out within the Famagusta Municipality to determine the approximate risk level of buildings against earthquake as well as collapse. The main purpose of the project is to ensure inspections of buildings at the initial stages of construction.


Department of Parks, Gardens and Recreation

The Department of Parks, Gardens and Recreation works towards making Famagusta a green city. It undertakes the cultivation of most of the trees in the city and the flowers planted in parks throughout the city in its own greenhouses. Additionally, it ensures the maintenance, afforestation, pruning, and landscaping of parks and areas under the responsibility of the municipality.


Finance Department

The Finance Department is responsible for collecting the main revenues of the Famagusta Municipality, such as water, lighting fees, as well as taxes such as professional license, property and construction permits. It also regulates the municipality’s economy and controls the income and expenditure balance. The Finance Department provides services in various sub-units related to financial matters.


Sewage Services Department

The Sewage Services Department is responsible for collecting, treating, and recycling the waste water produced in the city in order to protect public health and the environment, as well as to contribute to the preservation of the environment and the economy. The gravity main sewage network, which is approximately 58 km long, is composed of corrugated pipes with diameters ranging from 200 to 600 mm. The Wastewater Treatment Station has a capacity of 31,000 people and treats 4,100 m3/day using extended aeration with sludge digestion and effluent sand filtration. The treated water is discharged into the Ayluga/Freshwater Lake.


Maintenance and Repair Department

The Maintenance and Repair Department is responsible for the regular maintenance and repair of the vehicle fleet within the Famagusta Municipality. It also oversees the production tasks in the carpentry and blacksmith workshops established to supply the municipality with iron and wood products as needed.


Project Office

The Famagusta Municipality Project Office works to develop, implement, and monitor projects with the aim of improving the quality of life for Famagusta residents. The Project Team develops solutions in various fields for a contemporary city and a high-quality life, not only providing solutions to the city’s existing problems but also introducing innovative projects that will benefit the public.


Marketplace (Bazaar) and Weighing Services Unit

The Marketplace (Bazaar) and Weighing Services Unit is responsible for marketplaces and weighing scales used in marketplaces to ensure that the public can shop in a safe and orderly environment under equal conditions. The unit also operates an office in Famagusta Port, which is an important source of income for the city’s economy and provides various services.


Municipal Police Department

The Law Enforcement Services Department operates to organize and supervise various areas in the city. The responsibilities of the department include:

1) Providing technical support during the process of issuing business permits and operating licenses to ensure that the technical and hygienic conditions of the establishments are improved.

2) Evaluating and addressing complaints from citizens regarding food-related matters and taking necessary actions.

3) Undertaking improvement works in technical and hygienic conditions of businesses operating in various food-related branches to maximize food safety; preparing and implementing projects to encourage businesses and ensuring their implementation.

4) Inspecting and controlling the technical and hygienic conditions of the municipality’s fruit and vegetable markets, wholesale markets, and cold storage facilities; documenting and identifying food-related materials and substances that have deteriorated and need to be disposed of.


Famagusta Municipality Atatürk Kindergarten & Preschool Educational Center

The Famagusta Municipality Atatürk Kindergarten & Preschool Educational Center provide preschool education and kindergarten education for children residing in our city. In our educational institution under the municipality, the personal development of children is carried out in collaboration with families through monthly family meetings.

At the Atatürk Kindergarten & Preschool Educational Center, which also includes dietitian services, a nutrition program is prepared based on weekly meal plans that meet the children’s nutritional needs.


Culture Department

The Culture Department engages with the organisation of cultural, artistic, social and other events on behalf of the Municipality. Additionally, the department works to organize various courses, conferences, press and media works carried out within the municipality to serve the community.

Within the Famagusta Municipality Culture Department, there are three different units:

1) Famagusta Municipality Activity Center (Maraş and Sakarya)

Famagusta Municipality Activity Centers includes various activity areas such as a conference hall, basketball court, indoor football field, tennis court, volleyball court, Robotics Workshop, and gymnastics hall. It hosts courses and activities in the fields of art, culture, education, and sports for the public.

2) Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center

Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center provides services for the realization of academic, cultural, and social activities and the organization of conferences.

3) Press Unit

The Press Unit, within the Famagusta Municipality, is responsible for the following tasks:

– Identifying, planning, and coordinating communication needs and demands between press organizations and the municipality.

– Conducting research related to the city and ensuring the announcement of relevant works on social media platforms.

– Purchasing newspapers, magazines, and publications related to legislation and regulations.

– Monitoring the activities of the Mayor’s Office and the municipality through cameras, photographs, and necessary technical equipment, compiling visual and media materials.

– Informing the public about the municipality’s activities.

– Attending meetings, symposiums, presentations, and making publications.

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